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Almathea's Andromeda Art Andromeda Wallpapers Save Andromeda
Andromeda @ Universe Guide


Androwiki - English & German

Save Andromeda’s All Systems University Library (mirror from the official site, now closed)

Actor Sites

Kevin Sorbo Basic Steve Bacic Brandy Ledford Gordon Michael Woolvett

Character Sites Rommie's Andromeda Website

Fan Fiction Archives/Sites - ANDROMEDA - ANDROMEDA

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Andromeda Realm of Site and Sound VR Matrix Jay's Music Videos Transit to Slipstream Eldorado Drift Basic Words Keith Hamilton Cobb LexaFans

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Forums + Messageboards


Livejournal Community: andromeda_fans Ex Isle Save Andromeda Forum Slip Point Forums


Lexa Fans Messageboard Beka World Club Andromeda Romania

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Screencap & Image/Media Sites

Other Sci Fi TV Shows

Babylon 5 Battlestar Galactica Farscape Firefly Lexx Star Trek Star Trek Supernatural

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Resource Sites

Resource Sites

Texture Sites

when making wallpapers, i tend to use textures from these sites: colorfilter

Font Sites

looking for fonts? check out these favourite places of mine:

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Andromeda-Web.Com Andromeda-Web.Com Andromeda-Web.Com


  • mizor

    Andromeda Realm of Sight and Sound link is no longer valid.

    • snitchbitch

      Thanks for the update, mizor!