New Layout

It’s light, it’s fresh, and I hope you like it.

Welcome to Andromeda Web Version 6.

One of the new things you might notice is a shiny link to the Databank. The Databank is a WIP, and is by no means complete. Actually, there are probably only around 20 – 30 articles there at the moment. It’s something that we’ll build up slowly over the next few months (years).

AndroWiki is still around for those that are interested – but I’ve just been given the heads up that it’s full of spam and hasn’t been updated in a while. You might want to try The Andromeda Wiki over at for more up-to-date information, or Save Andromeda‘s backup of the All Systems University.

If anyone would prefer that I set up a WIKI here at Andromeda-Web for everyone to be able to update, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll continue with the Databank format (which I happen to think is a little neater).

Andromeda Motivation

Do you need help being motivated to make Andromeda artwork? Well, I know I sure do sometimes.

The Livejournal Community smallfandomfest have a massive 51 Andromeda prompts (here) in their latest Small Fandom Festival. There have already been some wallpapers and fanfictions submitted for Andromeda this round, so why not pop over and have a look? (Thanks to colls for the heads up)

Also, the andromeda_fans livejournal (run by our very own ascendant_angel) have a special treat for us all: an Andromeda Advent Calendar! Every day until Christmas the users will post a special treat for Andromeda fans.

Happy 5th Birthday, andromeda-web

Well folks, it’s that time of year again!

A big Happy Birthday to, which turns a whopping 5 years old today.

With the re-watch well and truly underway, 2009 looks to be an exciting year for andromeda-web. Don’t think that’s all we’re doing this year, though. Keep your eyes open for some more exciting changes over the next few months..

Fiction – Closed

Due to the lack of interest in that particular section of the site, I have decided to close down

If anyone is looking for other sources, check out the following fiction sites: Slip Point, Adultfanfiction,, AndromedaFix & HighGuard.

I do wish there were more dedicated Andromeda archives out there, but considering the lack of demand it just isn’t worthwhile keeping an archive as part of the site. If anyone would like to open and maintain their own Andromeda fiction archive, feel free to contact me for hosting!