Andromeda Props Auction

Legends Memorabilia are at it again…

Andromeda Prop & Costume liquidation sale!

To commence the liquidation sale process we are starting with an ANDROMEDA AUCTION which begins at 6pm PST on March 8th with great props and costumes from all of the main characters. We shall be adding more items each day throughout March but we have far too much inventory to list and sell it all on auction so we are also selling lots of items directly to people who don’t wish to wait for the auction. So if you are interested in a particular prop or costume, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see if we can find it for you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have supported us so well over the years. We are very grateful at how Legends has been embraced by the Andromeda and Stargate fans – the best, most dedicated and generous fans anywhere.

We look forward to seeing you in the auction and to visit the site, here is the direct link to take you there:

Who wants Andromeda Merchandise?

The wonderful harpersgirl over at Save Andromeda sent me an email today with an idea. I think it’s brilliant, but I’ll let you have a read:

So I recently got in touch with the store, because I’m feeling hopeful and revolutionary.

Long story short, if enough of us Andromeda fans request Andromeda merchandise, we may be able to prove that there is a sell-able market out there. Therefore we might get merchandise (I know I live in an optimistic world right now)

If you’re interested, go to , which is a “contact us” form for their site. Just tell them that you’d like to see some more Andromeda merchandise.

When they responded they asked specifically what I wanted to see, so if you have any idea, include that in your message.

Hopefully we can bring back the fallen Commonwealth. Dylan had to wait 300 years. We’ve only been waiting 5. Besides, we’ve got nothing to lose from a simple e-mail, right?

And spread the word! On youtube, I’ve messaged all my subscribers and all the Andromeda vid-ers, and the response has been great Smiley

Thanks for taking he time to read through this, and hopefully, to participate!

So show your support for our show and send your email in! What have you got to lose?